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Markus Dimdal
Markus Dimdal

M.Sc. in Engineering Physics from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

I'm a game developer at Embark Studios.

I'm also creating software under the name FMJ-Software.

Here's Software that I've worked on and Publications that I've written.

My interests are many and varied – literature, arts, music,
aquariums, orchids, games, computers, craft beer, ceramics, ...

A special interest is Art Nouveau ceramics...
I'm the author of the book Art Nouveau from Rörstrand (2016).

I received the award Collector of the Year at The Collectors Awards 2017.

In 2017 parts of my Rörstrand-collection was exhibited at Thiel Gallery.
In 2018 I arranged the exhibition "The collectors café" at the Stockholm antiques fair.
In 2022–23 I participated in the exhibition A novel style for a new time at the Hallwyl museum.

I've made a small page about the artist Sven Linnborg.

You may also take a look at some Orchid pictures.