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  Books & papers by Markus Dimdal

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Konstnären Gunnar G:son Wennerberg: En levnadsskildring (by Signe Taube)
Books on Demand, 2024

The painter and decorator Gunnar G:son Wennerberg  (1863–1914) loved to visit Paris to study and to paint. He was the artistic director at the Gustafsbergs ceramics factory (1895–1908), made art glass designs for Kosta (1898—1902, 1908), and designed textiles for Licium. The contours of his life is here told for the first time by a personal tale written by his sister Signe Taube. During work for an exhibition at the Hallwyl museum in 2022–23, my interest in Gunnar grew, and I felt that this text was well worth sharing.
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Utflykter i Art nouveau (by Magnus Palm, Markus Dimdal, Göran Bratt)
Moderna Magnus, 2021 / English edition, Excursions in Art Nouveau, 2022

A book about a unique and remarkable collection, compiled by dr. Göran Bratt during more than 50 years. Even at a young age, interested in botany, he was hooked by objects with flowers and plant motifs, created during the dawn of the 20th century, when the art nouveau-style appeared as a reaction to the Victorian society's rigidity and artifice. The book illustrate more than 1000 objects, made of glass, ceramics, metal or wood.
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Art Nouveau från Rörstrand: Konstkeramiken 1895–1926
Arvinius + Orfeus, 2016

With the dawn of 20th century, Rörstrand in Stockholm made its mark around the world with its art ceramics. With the emerging Art Nouveau movement, the renown porcelain factory reached new technical and aesthetic heights. Several exclusive types of art wares have long been forgotten and are presented here for the first time in modern history. Through thorough research in archives, recipe books and collections, I have sought clues to how the objects came to be. The rich and beautifully illustrated presentation of the ceramic pieces are discussed in the context of art history and international influences. Includes a 4-page summary in English.
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En farande Sven: Konstnären Sven Linnborgs memoarer
Books on Demand, 2014

The artist Sven Linnborg  (1857—1932) was a national-romantic Swedish painter. He is my sons great-great-great-grandfather. At the end of his life, he wrote his autobiography. Sadly he passed away before it was completed. 82 years later, I got my hands on the manuscript, edited it and published it for the first time.
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An optimal pathfinder for vehicles in real-world digital terrain maps
KTH / Royal Institute of Science, 1997

My masters degree thesis. Path finding algorithms are used for calculating the optimal route on a map, using various criteria and restrictions (e.g. the speed of traversing different types of roads, terrain, obstacles, or not being spotted by an enemy…). It is a problem encountered e.g. by computer game developers working on AI systems. Interestingly, eight years later, there appeared a paper analysing my paper...
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